Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate Volunteer


what are the requirements to become a casa?

Our volunteers must be 21 years of age or older, have reliable transportation, and have some flexibility within their schedule to accommodate making home visits and appearances in Family Court.  

What is the time commitment?

Volunteers are expected to commit to at least one year to the CASA program and on average dedicate 10 hours per month to the duties on their case assignments (i.e, making phone calls/e-mails, home visits, documenting notes and writing court reports).  The amount of time that a case can remain open varies and can range anywhere from 6 months to a few years.  

what is the process?

Volunteers must first fill out and either e-mail or mail in a copy of their application to the CASA office.  The CASA director will then be in touch with you shortly to make an appointment for an informal interview.  This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and determine if this volunteer opportunity is right for you.  Background checks are completed as well as a State Central Registry Check to screen for any indicated CPS reports.  Following the successfully completed checks you will be provided an independent training work book which can be completed at your own pace.  This workbook counts for 30 hours of training.  Upon completion of the workbook you will be asked to then commit to 10 hours of court observation within Genesee County Family Court.  Once all training has been accomplished you will then meet with the Family Court Judge to be sworn in as an official advocate of the court.  

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